Zhongyan will dispatch professional elite team to participate in K 2016!

 K 2016 in Düsseldorf will again be by far the biggest event for the industry and the starting point for momentous decisions for products and processes.


The entire exhibition grounds, more than 170,000 square meters, is fully booked. The trade fair K 2016 opens in Düsseldorf from the 19 to 26 October presenting the innovations of the international plastics and rubber industry.


This time, Zhongyan will dispatch professional elite team to participate in K 2016! Zhongyan is a modern high-tech enterprise which integrated in PEEK R&D, PEEK manufacture and PEEK marketing, the current annual PEEK capacity is 1000 tons.


Zhongyan series of PEEK products, high quality and keen price, not only promote the development of polyetheretherketone industry at home and abroad, also can promote healthy competition in special plastic industry. Zhongyan will vigorously develop the international market. So far, We’ve reached intention of cooperation with more than a hundred foreign companies, and have been experimenting to R&D new material products. It will make our products widely apply for automotive, nuclear Engineering, aerospace, electronic, medical and other sectors, meanwhile, break through the original application in domestic mechanical product area. Our high pure PEEK products have ended Victrex’s more than 30 years of monopoly in domestic and international high-end market, officially opening a new era of the domestic polyetheretherketone for global product application.


We wamly weclome all PEEK purchasers from every corner of world to establish long term & win-win business relationship with us in PEEK applications. See you in K 2016!


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